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Posture Corrector Yoga Sticks

Posture Corrector Yoga Sticks

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Correct Your Posture

Our yoga sticks pull your back muscles and shoulders into their original position to maintain a healthy posture. It is effective at helping those with a hunched back and bowed heads after just 10 to 30 minutes of use a day.

Relieve Back Pain: Alleviates back pain by reducing pressure on the lower back and correcting spinal alignment. 

Raise Confidence: Supports proper posture, which makes you look and feel more confident, healthy and taller. 

Adjust to Your Needs: Our yoga sticks are adjustable from 21 to 34 inches, making it effective for children and adults. 

Comfortable Design: Thick foam padding lines the yoga sticks ensuring a comfortable fit. 

Easy to Store: Designed with a lanyard insert at the top of the stick, so it can be hung when not in use. 

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