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Stretch Strap

Stretch Strap

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Improve Your Flexibility 

Our stretch strap is the perfect tool for easily achieving a rejuvenating stretch at any point in your day. Frequent use enhances range of motion, reduces risk of injury, and improves muscle recovery, while making you feel healthier and younger.

Unassisted Stretching: The 58 inch long strap lets you take your health to the next level without relying on another person.

Multiple Hand Holds: The seven handles allow you to track your progress and choose between a gentle or intense deeper stretch.

Versatile Use: Can be used for various activities such as pilates, physical therapy, muscle recovery, and yoga. 

Durable Material: Made with high strength polyester, cotton, and oxford fabric to withstand long-term use.

Portable: Easily fits in your gym or work bag for out of the home use. 
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