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Decompression Belt

Decompression Belt

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Heal Your Lower Back

Our decompression belt provides clinical grade traction and decompression therapy by taking pressure off of your spinal disks and lifting your upper back. As a result, bulging or herniated disks may retract, alleviating pressure off nerves and promoting the natural flow of nutrient rich fluid, which can heal spinal disks. 

Back Pain Relief: Provides relief for pinched nerves, postpartum back pain, sciatica and degenerative, bulging, and herniated disks through decompression therapy.

Enjoy Anytime Anywhere: Lightweight and easy to carry, so you can have relief while working, relaxing, golfing, and other activities. 

Improve Posture: By reducing pressure on the lower back, our decompression belt aligns your spine and supports proper posture. 

One Size fits Most: Sizing is adjustable for individual preferences of tightness and comfortably fits 29-49 inch waists.

Everything Included: Packaging includes the decompression belt, a hand pump, an extension belt, and a user manual. 

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