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Multi-level Back Stretcher

Multi-level Back Stretcher

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Relieve Stress and Back Pain

Our back stretcher has 88 auxiliary massage points and 10 magnets, which exert pressure on specific areas of your back to release tension, enhance blood circulation, and improve posture. These effects significantly reduce back pain after repeated use.   

Adjustable Design: Three adjustable settings allows you to customize your stretching experience, whether you're looking for a gentle stretch or a deeper, more intense release.

Support Your Spine: While stretching and massaging your back, the added cushion in the center protects your spine from excess pressure and tension.

Accelerate Muscle Recovery: By improving circulation and stretching tight muscles, the speed of healing your back muscles and soft tissue is increased. 

Durable and Lightweight: Made with lightweight and environmentally friendly ABS materials, which can withstand up to 200lbs. 

Enjoy a Healthier Life: Just 5-10 minutes of use a day can can improve your posture, increase flexibility, and reduce the risk of future injuries.
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