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Smart Cupping Massager

Smart Cupping Massager

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4-in 1-Smart Massager

Our smart massager brings you cupping, heat, red light, and gua sha therapy all in one easy to use package. Perfect for professional and personal use. 

Cupping Therapy: Effectively reduces tension, knots, and pain by creating negative pressure in targeted areas

Heating Therapy: Provides a hot compress, using PI conduction heating technology, which improves blood flow, muscle recovery, and mobility. 

Red Light Therapy: Uses low wavelength red light, to reduce wrinkles, scars, redness, and acne.

Gua Sha Therapy: Help break up muscle adhesions to restore normal tissue mobility and provide a deep relaxing massage.  

6 Massage Modes: Offers 6 adjustable heating and suction modes, so you can choose between a soft or deep tissue massage.
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